The Quest for a New Hampshire State Fossil


Last Monday Representative Borden came to our third grade classroom from New Castle and it was a fantastic visit!  Students prepared speeches for Mr. Borden that outlined the reasons they wanted to see the mastodon become the state fossil.  Students were also able to ask prepared questions for Mr. Borden.  Also during his visit Mr. Borden discussed the legislative process of a bill and discussed with the students their responsibilities in the upcoming year.  I think that is when the kids knew what we were doing was real – and they are so excited!


Another takeaway from Mr. Borden’s visit is how great Mr. Borden interacted with our students, and how passionate he is about his desire for more sustainable energy, for helping educators, as well as his goal in helping out our third grade class and our endeavor.  Representative Tom Sherman as well as Senator Martha Fuller Clark have also voiced their support for our efforts.


When Representative Borden visited us he also learned of our field trip to Odiorne Point and asked if he could have lunch with our class.  I certainly could not say no!  On our field trip to Rye on the 16th we met up with Mr. Borden and his wife Nancy for lunch, as well as a reporter for the Portsmouth Herald.  I was able to round up several students who answered the reporter’s questions with confidence and impressive knowledge about their quest.  It was an excellent lunchtime on a gorgeous day by the ocean.  You can view the article here:

Please continue to support your children in their state fossil request.  Representative Borden stressed that this process will take about a year, and that he would need the cooperation of the students and teachers to hopefully make this bill a law.  We will need your encouragement and support, too, as parents.  I will still head up our mastodon quest even as your students move up to the fourth grade.  I anticipate the fourth grade teachers helping us out next year as we take the next steps into potentially making New Hampshire state history!



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