NH State Fossil Quest UPDATE


I just wanted to share with you that 6 fourth grade student ambassadors as well as Mrs. Woo-Sam and I went to visit the state house in Concord on Wednesday.  We met with State Representative David Borden and a legislative drafter and reviewed the process of filing a bill.  It looks very promising that the bill will come into existence VERY soon and there is definitely a chance that this bill might become a law.  Also, two paleontology professors from UNH and Dartmouth have agreed to continue to help us with this process!

Last year the third grade students were discouraged that our state did not have an official state fossil, so they have been working hard trying to change some New Hampshire history!  I am very proud of their efforts and determination, and look forward to working with them this year to see if they can help make a law.

Please help me encourage all of our fourth grade students to keep up their persistence in having a voice.  It is GREAT to see what can happen when you empower students.  I will certainly keep you updated with their progress


Mr. Smith

IMG_1346           IMG_1333           IMG_1307


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