The Ultimate Solar System Project


One of my favorite third grade traditions at Bradford Elementary is to learn about outer space.  Every year something exciting is happening in the world of astronomy.  Very recently the New Horizons spacecraft reached the vicinity of Pluto after nine and a half years!  It has taken stunning photos, and revealed information, particularly of the geography of Pluto, that mankind never knew of.  How awesome is that?!


Another cool aspect of our astronomy unit is that we celebrate all of our learning and hard work on projects by spending 24 hours together – 24 HOURS OF SPACE!!!  A trip to the planetarium, crafts and games at the school, a potluck dinner, stargazing outside, and then a kid’s space movie and sleepover inside is an out-of-this-world experience.

The students and I will highly anticipate this event, but until that day draws near, I may share from time to time on this blog outer space-related material.  Like tonight!  Recently some friends decided that they should create an ACCURATE scale of the solar system.  Using their cars, GPS, ingenuity and creativity they did it!  ENJOY the two videos below of the creation of the ultimate solar system project!


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