An Adoption from the SPCA

cat 3

A couple of weeks ago our class visited the Pope Memorial SPCA in Concord.  Yesterday a special adoption occurred involving one of our very own students and a beautiful rescue kitty!cat

Zoe, a wonderful eight and a half year old black and white cat was adopted from the SPCA by Jonah and his Mom, Jessica.  What a special event for both the O’Brians and Zoe!  Zoe was a “lonely heart” cat meaning she had been at the SPCA for more than 45 days.  The O’Brians were not only given a precious pet but were also provided with bedding, toys, food and litter from the SPCA.  What a GREAT organization.

cat 2

I am so thankful for Jonah and his Mom taking on the important responsibility of taking care of this great animal that needed a forever home.

If you want to help out the SPCA and their volunteers there are many ways:  donate items, volunteer your time, spread the word about their great facility, or adopt an animal that needs food, shelter, and love.



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