Mrs. Guerrette


Our school is full of talented, hard-working individuals.  Our third grade class is no exception.  We have had the privilege of having three paraprofessionals working with our class this year, as well as with Mrs. Scarpa’s students.

One of these skilled educators is Mrs. Carrie Guerrette.  This year is her first year working as a teacher in our classrooms, but she is no stranger to our school and community.

Carrie recently graduated from NHTI with an associate degree in Early Childhood Education.  Prior to going to college she worked in the health field as a medical assistant, licensed nurse’s assistant and a phlebotomist.  She is also currently our school’s ChiPS (Children, Parents and Staff) organization president.


Mrs. Guerrette is a wife, mother of two girls in first and fifth grade, and owner of a dog named Toby.  She enjoys coaching soccer, reading, traveling, spending time at the beach and she always enjoys time with family near and far.  The thing she is most passionate about is volunteering in her children’s school and in the community.

We are proud to have Carrie as a staff member now, and the third grade students and teachers are particularly grateful to have the opportunity to work with Carrie on a daily basis.  Thank you Carrie for all that you do in helping make our students’ learning experience great!


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