Snowball Slam Champions!!!


What a MAGNIFICENT job our class did by coming in first place in this year’s Snowball Slam!  The final total was 186 snowballs earned – that is equivalent to 1,860 chapters read!!!  AMAZING.


I was so proud of all of the students – they saw a goal, worked hard both as individuals and as a group, and came out on top.  The students were reminded before the winners were announced, that no matter the result, though, that the most important thing was being aware of whether or not they tried their best.  They knew they had, so they were glad.  🙂

Unknown to us during the competition, the winner is to receive a free book from MainStreet Bookends of Warner…how cool is that?!  I went there yesterday and chose three books for our class to vote on:

National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry

Animal Planet Atlas of Animals

DK Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know




I also wanted to mention, in case you are in Warner this afternoon from 3-4 pm, I will be conducting a poetry workshop for kids in grades 2-5 at MainStreet Bookends of Warner (I think all student participants receive a 20% off coupon, too).

Lastly, there are always opportunities for me to get books through Scholastic or book fairs, so if you have a book or book set you want in the class library, let me know and I can see what I can do.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC February break!